Thursday, July 7, 2016

What Should Packing Look Like?

Cushion the box bottom with a layer of packing paper and thin layer of either popcorn or shredding. 

Individually wrap every piece, even the larger ones. 

This is what the fully packed box will look like, walls are diagonal. the box here is 25 inches high, 26 inches wide and 22 inches long. 

Top off box will popcorn, shake so it settles, put in more popcorn in the space that appears on top, the grey bags here are styrofoam pieces that i happened to have, otherwise it would be more popcorn or crumpled up packing paper, or bubble wrap. its whatever is cheapest and easiest for you, just make sure its either styrofoam or air bubbles. 

This box is my own personal A Frame going back into storage. here, I am glad I stock piled bags and foam wrap through the year so I can use it now without having to run out to the store and buy anything. Admittedly, I use higher quality wrap for my A Frame, since 1, its a higher quality one than I am selling, and 2, almost no one uses any packing paper at all for shipping A Frames, so using anything is an upgrade. 

The best product I have found to date is foam wrap, its white, spongy, compact and gets the job done, its easy to cut and tape, it really made packing my A Frame for long term storage a breeze. It was actually left over from one A Frame that I bought a few years back, miraculously, it was so well packed. The box I stored it in is a box for plastic garage storage cabinet, its about the same size as the factory box, maybe a bit bigger, but it works great. 
When you receive your A Frame from an Ebay seller, you will want to use (if possible) the box and wrapping they used. That way when you go to sell or store yours you already have everything you need (hopefully). Sometimes I get my recently purchased house shipped in a garbage box with newspaper and walmart bags, so I wouldn't use that but use what you can.

When you are cleaning your A Frame use a toothbrush in this manor to get out dirt. 

When you are dusting the A Frame for storage or shipping, use a soft bristled paint brush like this to get dust out of the grooves. 



These are 1/6 tulip chairs from ebay shipped from china, they actually emerged unharmed despite some crazy fool stomping onto of the box. not even a scratch, thank goodness, PS these are the most awesome chairs, the quality is what saved them, they are VERY well made and you will be very happy with them! =)

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  1. I found your blog today and I've spent the last few hours reading EVERY post and saving a bunch of the pics for reference. Your site is AMAZING!!! And I'm blown away with the repairs you do and the way you construct replacements for missing pieces! I would love to talk to you via email or Facebook messenger to ask you some questions about the Barbie houses and furniture I've been gathering. Thanks for all the wonderful info!