Sunday, April 8, 2018

Real Life Examples: Spring 2018

Here are some fresh images of the real life inspiration behind our groovy pad.

It looks ok in this contemporary treatment, however if the entire house was white with yellow front door it would be pretty mod-tastic! 

The yellow brick road in, 'The Wiz' reminds me of our yellow flagstone floors in the 1978 Dream House . 

I know it's a bit grainy, but this is from an episode of Maude circa 1974, and it appears to be a dollhouse-like wall shelf. Since it came out 4 years before the DreamHouse featured on this blog, I wonder if the designer saw this episode and was inspired to create the house we love so much! 

Yep, I would live here. 

There's that asymmetrical lay out with lots of natural light; Americana suburbia at its best! 

Here is the real life 1981 white piano featured here in 1985 on Dynasty.

Here's another striking resemblance, they even have the yellow glass doors. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Replacing and Upgrading the Front Lanterns

I have often thought about a better way of doing the front lights. This is especially true when they are not present. In an earlier post where I show cased my re-imagined house in shades of green, I made custom wood globe lamps very reminiscent of the 70s. I would like to use these at some point since, in the 70s there were many Mod houses that had over sized Spanish style wrought iron wall sconce fixtures and I think this would be a nice fit, especially if they are wired for electricity. Its not hard to do, all you need is to run the wire to a battery back concealed in the house someplace and voila!