Friday, November 9, 2012

Miscellaneous: Further Commentary

Curtains, and tie backs and rugs Oh my! Obviously I dont like this house. Its the opposite of what I like but its another shot where you can see how turning the center piece 90 degrees not only opens it up for play/display but truly turned the upstairs side sections into outdoor patios complete with glass doors on one side and an exterior wall on the other. Everything here looks really faded and orangey-peachy-pink. Though that could be a terra cotta roof from 78 or 79. 

Here is perfect justification for respraying white parts white and solid yellow doors vivid yellow again. The colors on your house should be very crisp and distinct. You can buy colored detailing tape from the hardware store/section and trim it out with an exacto knife for freshening up window edges. This is outlined further in a previous post. 

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