Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miscellaneous: Real Ones, Fake Ones and Opinions on All

A custom house I found perusing ebay last week. 

Cool, I would vacation here for a few days. Groovy door. 

Dont know the manufacturer or where to buy, it came up on a recent online search. 

Most excellent, beautiful photography. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Furniture: Accessories: Finishing Touches Packs

The living room set, I have never seen it before. Long time followers of the blog know I do not care for the finishing touches packs. I think its just 'clutter-y'. But what A Frame blog would be complete without every single product made for the 1978 Mattel Dream House? 

The bedroom set, lacy and pink, so definitely not a fan here. But here it is. 

Real Life Examples: March 2012 Edition

A Frame house boat, with shingles

A frame barge. 
I always thought the green living room chairs were either bean bag in nature or just made up, here is a very close resemblance to the Dream Furniture chairs.  This is ModernWay vintage furniture store in Palm Springs, CA. 

I think I see now the commonality between a real A Frame and the California contemporary style the house really is. 

Optional fireplace up close. 

Side section in cream. 

Upper middle section. 

Another side section roof cut out in sunny California. 

Diff'rent Angles. Ok, so i make the most out of stop lights. =-) 
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This is featured in another post, but is the classic A Frame that our house is named after. You can see again that Contemporary southern California (circa late 70's) is much more accurate than 'A Frame'. 
Diagonal slat door similar to walls. 
the shadows on my wall just reminded me of the vertical slats. 
Vertical slats on a 3 million dollar home garage door. 
Red roof, 2nd floor center balcony, you get the idea.