Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Life Examples: T Posts, Gables and Red Tile Roofs

Slight variation with curved arch and left side balcony.

Correct porportion, just not off a balcony.

Here are some real life examples of the T bar part of the 1978 DreamHouse. The T looks more like 'the cross' to me giving it an almost church appearance, but I guess different people see different things. The top two phots are of where I live which does have noticable similarities to the 1978 smallhouse we love (purely coincidental, I swear!) Its 1980's Modern architecture with Spanish influences. The next two photos are of a community down the street from me. The bottom ones are my real life California Dream Home with architectural similarities to the Mattel 1978 orange and yellow house.

Real life diagonal ceiling (my home).

Real life slant red tile roof 1 (my home).

Real life slant red tile roof 2 (my home).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Topic: Star Traveler

I think the largest vehicle Mattel made for Miss B is related to the largest house Mattel made for her. They are both late 70's, iconic in design and are bright, sunshine yellow! Here are more real life examples from TV/movies. The beige one above is from 1980's, Resurrection, starring Ellen Burstyn who has had a near death experience and emerges a hands on healer. I only saw this movie because I watch alot of netflix since good, current TV shows are essentially nonexistant. The exception being Raising Hope (please check it out) which last week featured, 'The Kisser', a rambling semi homeless guy who travels around (in what else besides a restored 1978 Star Traveler) to see the 'worlds smallest' exhibits.  Where else can you see Chloris Leachman making out like that I ask you? There is an actual sunshine yellow one in my town, I just havent bothered to pull over and take the picture yet but I will I promise. Eventually. Siansonea, this post is for you! ;-)

Mint enough for ya?

Reinvented as the 1985 or '86 Rockers tour bus, it still blows any Barbie RV since  made out of the water in terms of size and coolness. 

70's awesomeness! 

Recent reinvention, ala silver bullet campers of days gone bye. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miscellaneous: A Frame on 'American Dad'

I love the show American Dad. Its not for everyone, but always makes me laugh. This 'frame' kind of looks like the two side pieces put together with the center piece behind it and the cottage in front of it. Probably should have been drawn as a garage. Anyway, there you have it.  

Real Life Examples: Diagonal Slats in the Movies

This real life version of the diagonal slat walls is from the 1983 flick, My Tutor, starring some very well know actors like Kevin McCarthy. Its a coming of age/T and A flick with a fun intro (80's aerobics with spandex leotards). I have some mroe recent ones this week to be added to the post

Ebay: Further Tales of Terrible Packaging

I didnt get the memo about there being a cardboard shortage.

Random, newly scratched and bent valuable pieces.
Mr Owl, how many hours does it take to clean off explosive Cockroach excrement off vintage toys? 

ZERO packing material!!!!
Pictured above are 2 seperate Feebay transactions. You can see in the patio triangles I bought, they fashioned a homemade box sparing not even a centimeter for packing material. They weren't damaged, but still. The most recent (and last one I will ever buy) house bought on Feebay was a good deal ($20 for house, $35 for shipping). The house advertised online looked great and nearly complete. The house that arrived came in a home made box that was more tape than cardboard, all the post covers were brown and shattered, roof panels and windows were severely heat warped, the box insides and roof panels had white scuff marks from the walls rubbing agianst is in shipping and many pieces seen in the listing photo never made it to me. The seller thought it was acceptable to ship a very large, vintage toy this way and I had to go through Feebay to force a refund since they refused to reimburse me for original shipping much less return shipping. So, in conclusion I will no longer be buying houses on Feebay because its gotten so bad with dirtbags out there that damage the item while they have it stored in a hot garage for years (complete with browning, warping and bug carcasses) and facilitate further damage by crappy packing when selling. This last one has completely removed any joy or motivation I have had in the past to renovate and resell these houses.

My interest in Beaver Cleaver 1950's suburban colonial homes lead me to this unfortunate experience.  Another hillbilly thought they could shove an antique fragile toy in a tampon carton that was more painters tape than box, use no packing material, no insurance and the house had a spiders nest. When first we practice to deceive.....I ended up with a partial refund.

Porch was bent in order to fit into the box that was too small for the house to fit into. Really?  The house did end up looking nice once it was de-grossed in the shower, polished, furnished, given a front lawn and photographed well. If I had the counter space I'd make a Nick at Night cul de sac. 
Straight from Reno, Nevada another bunch of dirty, broken toys thrown into a box last minute and shipped out. What, a dirtbag in Reno?, say int aint so! Not even the obligatory Walmart (WallofChinaMart) bag thrown in for good measure?
Wrapping a 35 year old toy in a priority mail envelope? Thanks sooooo much. ...

 Listing quote: Chairs are damaged, they still stand, one leg missing. Reality: This is what arrived in the mail-chairs smashed into 12 different pieces, missing 3 leg pieces. 
Once again, someone cheaply wrapped a 21 year old NIB item in paper only! GRRRR!

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