Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miscellaneous: Age Related Fading and Such

These minty, unfaded A Frames with bright furniture keep popping up, so they are out there and what even a renovated A Frame should look like. 
Cook until golden brown...

This is just a house in my California town that reminded me of two side sections with a space in between. I think this neighborhood was built in '78, although I have seen this architecture built as late as '84. 
What's this, goldish, greyish tinted glass doors? These really got my attention today on a listing, but alas it is a play of light, in other photos they are just dirty, discolored yellow glass doors. They do look rather cool in champagne grey. I bet Mattel could reissue the house from the same vintage molds using cool colors and it would sell like hot cakes.

The house is so rarely shown with this configuration I got tired of my A Frame Mansion in the previous post this is what it looks like now. It features embelished planters, foam board lower walls with 'trellis' and porch lights  courtesy of the cottage. By the way, notice how the roof is dark and shiny. If your roof is more of a flat orange from fading/age then consider repainting it using a close match from the spray paint section of Lowes/Home Depot. Just ensure that it is completely dust free before starting and plan on 2 coats.