Sunday, October 16, 2016

Custom Colors: Fall 2016

I like the black roof, the grey floors are ok, I do not like the dark and light blue colors. Especially given the yellow door and window frames I am not getting the over all theme here.

Very nice overall job, great attention to detail, I really like the plants,  keeping the walls clean and white compliment the rest, its a nice update on a mod classic. 

I don't think the dark and light blue work well together, the yellow definitely needs to be redone (see hardware or auto section for colored tape, and post about trimming colored tape around the edges). 

As more and more of this vintage toy get broken down and painted funky colors, I am ore driven to rescue them from ebay and restore them to factory condition. I would even go so far as to use candy apple red spray paint to restore the roof and saturated yellow for the floors. Luckily, michaels always carries a fine assortment of replacement flowers. 

Really nice, I have those same potted plants - they work well in any setting, great attention to detail, I definitely approve of this cool, crisp, clean update to a dusty old toy. 

I like this, the lanterns and mail box should be a different color (maybe orange or light grey). The floors could have been redone with wood grain contact paper for a better effect. 
Even though this is not the A Frame, they did such a great job of custom painting the pink Victorian house. I have seen Cinderella's Castle painted really well like this, what difference! 

Nice, clean, contemporary re-imagination of the 1982 Cottage. 

I truly believe this could be resold with a newly designed box for today's generation. Wouldn't that be something? 

nice custom repaint, the colors really tone down the garish green and pink these houses usually were. 

Colorful, though I am not getting the theme of yellow, pink and brown. 

In the middle of being re imagined as a Monster High House. Of course, I do not like the white walls being painted, but I have seen some interesting custom Monster High Doll Houses online when they are finished. 
Not my projet, but interesting to see the during part of a color change reno. 
Nice attention to detail on this pink and black one, looks like they used the artificial lawn carpet I have for display.

VERY well executed blue version of the house, this is how I imagine a 1990's version of the home if they continued reissuing it every decade and just updated the colors. 

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