Sunday, October 16, 2016

Real Life Examples: Fall 2016

Great example of the rear doors. 

Excellent example of modernist, minimalist architectural design, oversized double front doors with oversized hard ware and lantern. 

To the right is a white iron gate, akin to the breezy walls of the 1978 house. 
Late 70's California contemporary Spanish shed roof with 2nd floor patio - the exact style of the Barbie 1978 or 1979 A Frame Dream Doll House. 
4 tall, skinny, glass patio doors. 
This house is in southern California, features exposed white beams and a front, central white balcony, these were built around 1980, when I was driving past I immediately saw the similarities between Mattel's house and these ones, but as I have not ever seen these anywhere else, I wonder if the original designer of the toy house lived around here or someplace similar. 
A variation on the house above, there were about 5 of these houses in the neighborhood I was in. Not far, there was a house with a very exaggerated long sloping red roof, shed roof and different angles, very akin to Barbie's house, regretfully, I did not pull over to take a photo. 
White beams, yellow floor side view in 1970's local restaurant. 
Two real center sections placed together. Just needs a new paint job. 
This is a 1970's Spanish contemporary that seems to have been restored for a "Tuscan" look. Yes, if it were painted white with a red roof, here is our beloved A Frame Dream House. 

Just the right shade of yellow!

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