Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shipping: Pricing and Logistics, What to do?!

It won't fit into a sedan. 

On the scale at FedEx. 
So, I learned so much this last time around. Things have changed in the 8 years that I have been buying and selling these houses on Ebay (see older posts). Currently, USPS charges $169 to ship this, UPS is about mid way between USPS and FedEx. FedEx charged $92 to ship across the country from Southern California to NY. I opened an account and got a first timer discount reducing the cost to about $72 with tax. You could get that discount, too, if opening a new account.

Now that I have an account next time I print my own label and schedule a pick up- SO much easier!! It will go 4 day ground delivery, this particular box was 21x21x25 and total weight was 33 pounds. Shipping will be less if you live closer to your buyer. If you are the buyer and the seller is inexperienced and doesn't know what to do then you can tell them all of this so you get your house and not an email that says, "sorry, shipping was too high, I am cancelling the order". This way you get the best price and the house. =-)

You don't wanna go this route. So, if USPS is a billion dollars in debt, why doesn't the government just increase the budget? They aren't a company, there should be no 'profit' for heaven's sake! 

This is what has happened to me a few times, not great obviously. This is due to ignorant sellers and overpriced shipping. Shame it's not common sense to find out what something costs to ship PRIOR to listing it. This ended up being cancelled. Not sure what she did with the house. 

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