Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paperwork: The A Frame Cottage Instructions

Many of you may never have seen these before. I didnt until I scored a boxed Cottage a few years back. I did sell the box and paperwork for $35 as I dont collect Barbie packaging. These are the scans of the those instructions. They are the accordian fold out style versus a stapled booklet as in the large 1978 house. The large 1985 house also had fold out instructions. I wish I would have scanned those before selling. But here you go, these are ready for saving and printing for your A Frame Cottage.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paperwork: 1978 A Frame Unfurnished Dream House Instructions

So many have asked for it, so here are the instructions. Feel free to right click and save and or print, they are my gift to you. Its the same instructions folks are selling on ebay. the orange and white image is the old correspondence card you could send in if you needed help with anything. I guess it was cheaper than  call centers or maybe they didnt have 800 numbers in the 70's? I remember my 1987 Ghostbusters firehouse didnt have the instruction so we just called them up and they sent out replacements for free. =-) Those were the days!

SO, all I can think of when I see these rare pieces are, 'Does the person who pays $500 for an unassembled house peel the stickers and pick the small pieces off the trees?' I hope not!!