Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OOAK Custom Repaints: Black Roof with Brown Floors

On this installment, we see another repaint. I wish the images could come out crisper, but you know how Evilbay has disallowed right clicks for the past 2 years or so. This is very close to how I would like to redo a beat up old pink A Frame. This was likely a red and yellow as you can see the patio triangles. It appears to be well done, it is missing the upstairs planters and I think the downstairs ones could be a little more full especially with non flower plants, but overall I like it and it does get my seal of approval. These have been popping up with more frequency it seems this year and fetching a little over $200 plus shipping. I find it very time and labor intensive cleaning up an old house (properly) and respraying just the white pieces, so I am sure repainting everything is a much larger project for someone. So, they deserve the $100ish profit and in the end the house is a one of a kind, nice collectors item. I think a non Barbie person would see that in someones collection and say, 'Wow, what a cool toy, when did that come out?'  Because the truth is they really dont make them like this anymore, not the scale or quality. Though I could never repaint a red and yellow A Frame the occasional reinvention is fun and interesting.

I have found this paint to be the best:
plan to pick up 2 cans to get the entire job done.

Real Life Examples: A Frame Mortuary

Forgive the quality, I was driving at 75 miles an hour in Southern California when I took these. Well now I really have seen everything.