Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Decor: A Very Barbie Hoarders...

This house is filled to capacity. Luckily the proud owner is a fellow renovator and has restored it to its original beauty since taking the photo. =-)

Okay, the furniture isn't too bad, but there are waaay too many people in this house. Theres even someone sitting on the toilet. Really?


  1. Oh, the humanity! Someone should report them to Dream House Protective Services. ;)

  2. The anal-retentive part of me is wondering why all those mod dolls and outfits from 1969-1972 have shown up in a house from 1978. Did the dolls go time-traveling?

  3. I know....Its shows that the people putting together the photo shoot really were not collectors and probably not even 'toy folks' like us. I think I need to be like Tom Hanks in the movie 'Big' and go work for Hasbro or Mattel designing what us adult collectors really want and the toys that should be made for the tots.

  4. The first picture is of a house I bought for $9.98 at a Salvation Army. I had cleaned it from years of neglect and ordered front doors some windows along with some other original pieces. It was finally restored with original furniture and sold to a buyer in Happy Korea! Sorry this picture of the before offends.
    I will burn my pinch of incense and fall on my sword after this comment is posted. Ps. I eventually purchased a mint house with furniture at a yard sale for $25.00. It's completely intact and has been refurnished. I now own 21 Barbie structures including the carboard versions. I also own the complete 1959-1964 collection including all dolls, clothes and accessories. I guess that qualifies me as a collector. Furthermore, I sew vintage pak sheaths in Red, Black and Blue. Additionally, I sew 'Easter Parade' complete with accessories. All totaled I've sold about forty outfits. These are now in vintage collections all over the world. Thanks for including the pic. It was a surprise to see it on this site! I really do love what your doing here and have recommended you to several friends. Keep up the good work. The house is worth the time and energy used to promote this classic! I agree, I'm not a fan of the pink version! Peace! arch672010

  5. Hi Arch672010! Admittedly, I am on the minimalist side of the spectrum, so no offense intended. =-) Thanks being a fan of the blog. Thats great that you have such a big collection and work hard to reissue some vintage pak sheaths. Keep checking back for new and updated articles.

  6. I recently sold the 'hoarder house' to a dude named 'Cupcake' in Happy Korea! I aquired a new one at a yard sale for $25.00. I renovated and redecorated the interior! If you would like to see it go to: and search for: Girlieman dolls! Thanks and I have recommended your site to several serious collectors. Have a great day and keep those posts coming.

    1. Hey, congrats on the sale and deal on the new one! I will check out the photos on Flickr. Thanks for following the blog, I have updated many of the older posts with additional photos. =-)