Saturday, August 30, 2014

Appliances and Furnishings: Another Solution to the Nonexistent Kitchen Sink

This is the 1970 Ideal Mini-Matic Kitchen with real working meat cutter, blender and mixer (and metal utensils with metal hanging rack). This lot also features the rarer 'yellow' version of the '73 townhouse dining table (the small counter came as an add on set with the mixer).  I picked up this great little lot for $30 total for everything (including shipping). It was very dusty and I cannot get the appliances to work, but overall it was a great deal and I am happy with it. Theoretically, the wall/window panel can be placed in the open outer wall of the A Frame house to finish the kitchen. The set features all 3 colors of the 1978 Barbie Dream House - orange, yellow and white.  The avocado appliances are oversized, but totally optional in your set up.

Enjoy this gem of a jpeg, an exquisitely installed kitchen set up utilizing Sindy cabinetry. I love the commitment to only yellow and white and the room divider bookshelf. One day I hope to e organized enough to put something like that together. A+
Real life pots and pans thanks to Rachel Ray's line at Kmart. 

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