Sunday, April 24, 2011

Windows: 4 Different Versions for the Pink House (1985-1991)

Hot translucent pink front

Hot translucent pink back. 
Yes, You saw it here first. Thanks to a loyal follower I was informed about the mysterious alternate windows on the Pink DreamHouse. Everytime I think I know it all (about this anyway) I am humbled by sleeper cell intel. As you may or may not know, I am reluctant to even post about the Pink Totally 80's A Frame for reasons previously posted about but any color variation of the 1978 small house we are all so obsessed with at least deserves a post. There seems to be 4 different windows for the Pink A Frame. Hot pink, transparent pale pink, and clear windows with dark or light pink edges. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and worth a little chat. Please also see the post about the traditionally colored A Frame with orange floors. If I had to say, my favorite would be the lighter pink frames.

Light pink frames
Soft translucent pink
Soft translucent pink

Darker pink frames 

Soft translucent pink
Lighter pink trim
Rosy outlook box-o-plenty. Pick ONE only! Lol. 
They could be alternate yellow windows with yellow panes, but alas they are not. Simply cooked and aged to 'perfection'. 

Hot pink windows, probably the final version that came out. i am assuming it was firs the clear windows with light pink trim, dark pink trim, then the soft pink/rosy tinted ones, and then these. Kinda hot!

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