Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baribie's 1980's Totally Pink House - Fall 2016 Edition

It has taken time, but I am coming around to liking the house re-issued in pink. I look forward to picking one up when time and space allows. Here are some well cared for pink houses. I think they look great, I am unsure of why so many people today feel compelled to spray paint them differently.

translucent windows
hot pink windows

dark pink window frames

hot pink windows

translucent windows

light pink window frames

light pink window frames

translucent windows

Displayed for Your Perusal

Here is a great example of the 1982 Cottage with period dog, dolls and decor. 

NICE, mod, groovy pad! The pink pillows and other accessories look amazing. 

Wouldn't it be awesome to come to a garage sale and see this? And then they are asking $10 each. =-) 

Everyone is always asking me where to find the furniture. As I did not still have any original DreamHouse furniture from my childhood, I had to go to the usual place, Ebay, for replacements. I bought, and bought and bought, at one time having at least 5 green desks and 5 ovens. I did this because it is difficult to see exact detail online, so this way I was able to upgrade parts to get really minty complete pieces (like the fridge) with my choice of which color ice cube trays, and which color pots/pans. Then, I sold the rest and it usually paid for what I kept. =-) 

Another Cottage with period figures and furniture. Lookin' good! 

1980 DreamPool with period pretties. 

Perfectly staged center piece. 

This probably takes p a quarter of this guest bedroom, without even the Star Traveler or Cottage! 

Beautiful inner courtyard with chandelier, topiaries and raised patio (could be painted yellow!). 

Vintage Photos: Fall 2016 Edition

Let's play Barbie! 

Is that a custom, double sided house with an extended elevator to the roof top party deck? 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Boxed Barbie DreamHouse : Fall 2016

As many of you may already know, the very first blog post here is by far the most popular. So, given that, I decided to make a follow-up post with new pictures and commentary. Here it is! 

All three structures together! This would make a wonderful Christmas morning indeed! 

I am not sure of the exact year, but I am supposing this is about 1981-1983. 

One thing I really love about the box is the comic strip panels showing all the different rooms, features and play possibilities. 

The lesser known Finishing Touches accessory packs. I was never into these, but it was cool that they made the attempt to add things to fill out this admittedly sparse house. 

This shipping carton is in GREAT shape. My original A Frame memory at ToysRUs is that they strung these up high in the ceiling far above the shelf, with no boxed houses on the lower shelves amongst the Barbie items. Maybe there was one of those ticket stub dispensers, so once paid for, a stocker would retrieve one (in a carton) from the back. Sadly, many ebay sellers ship the house in the original shipping carton, requiring the carton to be written on/tape/shipping label applied, and then go through shipping getting dirty and banged up. Mwa, mwa, mwaaaaaaa....

Vintage Italian Ads - Godere!

These were stylish looks, I am not sure why they did not make it to America. 

Classic colors. 

Great photo, I like Ken's suit. 

This American ad features the house re-imagined in shades of pink (with solid pink window frames). Notice the furnished house price is $159.99. Considering houses today are $79-$159, that was pretty pricey for back then, although obviously the quality of this house is superior structurally, the new homes are electronic and interactive. I still prefer these vintage beauties! 

The German issued furniture line. The living room came in light blue or orange, the sofa featuring similar upholstery.

Not Italian, but it is a rare ad that I do not recall seeing before. It looks circa 1983-84

Custom Colors: Fall 2016

I like the black roof, the grey floors are ok, I do not like the dark and light blue colors. Especially given the yellow door and window frames I am not getting the over all theme here.

Very nice overall job, great attention to detail, I really like the plants,  keeping the walls clean and white compliment the rest, its a nice update on a mod classic. 

I don't think the dark and light blue work well together, the yellow definitely needs to be redone (see hardware or auto section for colored tape, and post about trimming colored tape around the edges). 

As more and more of this vintage toy get broken down and painted funky colors, I am ore driven to rescue them from ebay and restore them to factory condition. I would even go so far as to use candy apple red spray paint to restore the roof and saturated yellow for the floors. Luckily, michaels always carries a fine assortment of replacement flowers. 

Really nice, I have those same potted plants - they work well in any setting, great attention to detail, I definitely approve of this cool, crisp, clean update to a dusty old toy. 

I like this, the lanterns and mail box should be a different color (maybe orange or light grey). The floors could have been redone with wood grain contact paper for a better effect. 
Even though this is not the A Frame, they did such a great job of custom painting the pink Victorian house. I have seen Cinderella's Castle painted really well like this, what difference! 

Nice, clean, contemporary re-imagination of the 1982 Cottage. 

I truly believe this could be resold with a newly designed box for today's generation. Wouldn't that be something? 

nice custom repaint, the colors really tone down the garish green and pink these houses usually were. 

Colorful, though I am not getting the theme of yellow, pink and brown. 

In the middle of being re imagined as a Monster High House. Of course, I do not like the white walls being painted, but I have seen some interesting custom Monster High Doll Houses online when they are finished. 
Not my projet, but interesting to see the during part of a color change reno. 
Nice attention to detail on this pink and black one, looks like they used the artificial lawn carpet I have for display. 

Real Life Examples: Fall 2016

Top hung, swing out aluminum windows. 

Great example of the rear doors. 
Full transparency, 3 sections, forward facing roof gable, white beams, good match! 
Excellent example of modernist, minimalist architectural design, oversized double front doors with oversized hard ware and lantern. 

To the right is a white iron gate, akin to the breezy walls of the 1978 house. 
Late 70's California contemporary Spanish shed roof with 2nd floor patio - the exact style of the Barbie 1978 or 1979 A Frame Dream Doll House. 
4 tall, skinny, glass patio doors. 
This house is in southern California, features exposed white beams and a front, central white balcony, these were built around 1980, when I was driving past I immediately saw the similarities between Mattel's house and these ones, but as I have not ever seen these anywhere else, I wonder if the original designer of the toy house lived around here or someplace similar. 
A variation on the house above, there were about 5 of these houses in the neighborhood I was in. Not far, there was a house with a very exaggerated long sloping red roof, shed roof and different angles, very akin to Barbie's house, regretfully, I did not pull over to take a photo. 
White beams, yellow floor side view in 1970's local restaurant. 
Two real center sections placed together. Just needs a new paint job. 
This is a 1970's Spanish contemporary that seems to have been restored for a "Tuscan" look. Yes, if it were painted white with a red roof, here is our beloved A Frame Dream House. 
while the house is not a frame, look closely at the red roof tiles, they are a perfect match. 
here is another 1970's Spanish contemporary asymmetrical suburban house with balcony in the front. The center garage is the only real departure from our beloved 
Imagine this house painted white, with yellow doors, its a near perfect match! 
rear side section ground  level

Just the right shade of yellow!

thats what I imagine the real life bedroom to be decorated like. '70's Optimistic Yellow'.

Casper quietly enters the home. The only thing I would change is the door hardware needs to be oversized and vintage.