Friday, November 13, 2009

Custom Add On, Great Idea. WITH UPDATE

Here the grass is greener. These are a few photos I took of my own restored A Frame house with out door carpet as a 'playmat'. The pictures dont do it justice, in person it looks amazing and should have been originally included. When budget allows I plan on purchasing some high end artificial trees used for terrariums. They have that dry, southern California look that would make great landscaping for this lawn set up. At some point a driveway would be nice too. Here, I added additional floor panels as front and rear patios. They look great were only about $15 for both and lets face it, its almost impossible to find the triangle patio sections. Overall I am very happy with the custom lawn. PS it was really inexpensive!

UPDATE: While perusing at Costco today, I saw an even better deal than getting the indoor/outdoor carpet at the hardware store. These large, soft, fuzzy precut rugs are only $20 and do not litter little bits of stuff like the above mentioned project. Totally a deal!