Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Topic: Star Traveler

I think the largest vehicle Mattel made for Miss B is related to the largest house Mattel made for her. They are both late 70's, iconic in design and are bright, sunshine yellow! Here are more real life examples from TV/movies. The beige one above is from 1980's, Resurrection, starring Ellen Burstyn who has had a near death experience and emerges a hands on healer. I only saw this movie because I watch alot of netflix since good, current TV shows are essentially nonexistant. The exception being Raising Hope (please check it out) which last week featured, 'The Kisser', a rambling semi homeless guy who travels around (in what else besides a restored 1978 Star Traveler) to see the 'worlds smallest' exhibits.  Where else can you see Chloris Leachman making out like that I ask you? There is an actual sunshine yellow one in my town, I just havent bothered to pull over and take the picture yet but I will I promise. Eventually. Siansonea, this post is for you! ;-)

Mint enough for ya?

Reinvented as the 1985 or '86 Rockers tour bus, it still blows any Barbie RV since  made out of the water in terms of size and coolness. 

70's awesomeness! 

Recent reinvention, ala silver bullet campers of days gone bye. 


  1. My Skipper page is at But that's not why I am writing. I own a ton of Barbie booklets and reference books and compiled what I think is a complete list of the various sets of furniture that were sold individually for the Dream House. Did you want me to email it to you? Post it here at comments? Post it at my blog?
    P.S. I don't own the big A-frames that you are writing about, but I do have the 1980s plastic pink smaller A frame from Arco.
    P.P.S. I believe Arco is a subsidiary or a Mattel-related company. It sold a ton of furniture, playsets and outfits for Barbie and her family in the 80s up through the early 90s. They all had the Barbie, Ken or Skipper logos on the boxes or packaging.


  2. Love it! :) If I were a wealthy woman, I'd have a life-size Star Traveler myself. All tricked out in 70s awesomeness, of course. :D Now I want to go watch "Resurrection". :)

  3. Hi Mary. Thanks for commenting. You are quite the expert on Skipper. I think I have all the Dream Furniture Sets covered in the earlier posts, but if I have left something out please let me know. If you like I can add your link to the blog. Ken

  4. Two comments for you.
    I have the pink A-frame mountain home from the 1990s. I'd like to set it up again with some of my dolls. Would you like a photo?

  5. And now for the furniture list. I couldn't place it here because it is too long. So I added it to my own blog and you can read it at
    Ken, I would be flattered if you added my blog link.