Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Life Examples: T Posts, Gables and Red Tile Roofs

Slight variation with curved arch and left side balcony.

Correct porportion, just not off a balcony.

Here are some real life examples of the T bar part of the 1978 DreamHouse. The T looks more like 'the cross' to me giving it an almost church appearance, but I guess different people see different things. The top two phots are of where I live which does have noticable similarities to the 1978 smallhouse we love (purely coincidental, I swear!) Its 1980's Modern architecture with Spanish influences. The next two photos are of a community down the street from me. The bottom ones are my real life California Dream Home with architectural similarities to the Mattel 1978 orange and yellow house.

Real life diagonal ceiling (my home).

Real life slant red tile roof 1 (my home).

Real life slant red tile roof 2 (my home).


  1. I wonder at the decor inside! It looks great!

    Bobby G ... not sure why it's post as Anonymous