Friday, August 24, 2012

Custom Repaints: Black Roof with Blue Floors and Complete

Well, here is a different reinvention of the home. Whenever I see this country blue color scheme I always think of the 80's decor style, you know ducks and dried flowers with pink and green to match. Anyway, this looks like it was done by someone who knows there way around a spray can and paint brush and it did end up selling for just over $200 plus shipping. I am still licking my wounds that I only got $109 for my last red and yellow renovation (breaking even with what I had invested with house, paint, flowers, etc) after being online for about 2 months! The roof looks real sharp and crisp, but I think since I would never live in a blue and white house I dont like my favorite small house blue and white. Still, its interesting to look at and the buyer who is okay with blue will love it I am sure. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Furniture: Pics of Some Seriously Faded Merch

I purposefully bought very discolored furniture because for a few bucks I got a whole lot of different colors that is a fraction of the color variation of the international Dream Furniture line as featured in other posts. So enjoy this feast for the eyes. The vanity has a mirror I just flipped it around so you could see the color better. The sink is Arco, but what a perfect match. Maybe its more pastel orange, but it does play off the green China well.

So, for those of you wanting a different color or rare furniture piece and cannot afford foreign variations and dont want painted plastic, this is the solution for you! I still dont know exactly how some pieces fare so well and others not so much other than just storing in a cool, dry place and taking really good care not to scratch or bang it about.

This oven has clearly been cooked. I have never seen a white 80's oven so faded to tan. I think in this case it is ripe for making avocado green or leaving it and calling it 1980's cream colored stove or even the color d'jour 'bisque'. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Paperwork: Furniture Instructions For A Frame

I didnt know these instructions existed until I saw them online this week. I love the artists illustration and the fact that the patio triangles are used. I now assume that the triangles were only included in the furnished house. I look forward to scoring a set of these instructions sometime soon. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Other Houses: 1982 Cottage and the Snoopy Doghouse

playmobil set with same exact coloring. 

Just something I noticed, I guess its possible its just a mere coincidence, but a cute one. =-)

Early Playmobil house. 

 New 2018 Australian Playmobil play house, here you can see the Bavarian influence the 1978 A Frame has.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Custom Houses: Conglomeration: Variations on a Classic

Ok, its not my house (I would never cut wall posts for any reason) but its a cool unique picture, so there you go. 

Addition of 2 extra wings with center patio triangles, not my favorite configuration. 

My best attempt at a garage, not really convincing, but I'll figure it out. I am officially a hoarder as I wanted to put the yellow '79 vette in the driveway and couldn't get to it because there was so much stuff in the way. lol. 

As Southfork ranch. Yee haw! 

With garage converted into additional living space. Okay, it does look like Snoopy's dog house. 

Cottage with Dream House doors and lanterns. 

Dream House with cottage doors and lanterns. 

Different angle. 

As southern mansion with greek revival columns and amber coach lamps. 

Modern porch area. Inspired by Delia's renovation on the house in Beetlejuice. 

My favorite shot of the new front of the house. Think I am going to have to keep it this way for awhile. ;) 

Lots of natural light and open concept floorplan. 

Cottage as pool house. 

Rear of newly remodeled Dream House with new southern wing and reconfiged ppol/patio area.  It turns out Shaggy and Velma ended up together after all. Fred and Daphne let them have full custody of Scooby as they were more into each other than taking care of a dog. ha ha
There's always a party crasher...

Please submit to me your photos of reconfigured homes. This was the best feature of this house so lets get creative. =-)

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paperwork: Brochure and Box Photos

Nice cluster of furniture, though I prefer the long coffee table since the square one looks like an end table. 

The A Frame house in a brochure. 

The 1982 Cottage in a brochure with the newly remolded pink furniture. 

Illustration of house and also a girl from 1961. 

Another brochure photo, earlier than the one above since it has the original  colored furniture.