Friday, August 24, 2012

Custom Repaints: Black Roof with Blue Floors and Complete

Well, here is a different reinvention of the home. Whenever I see this country blue color scheme I always think of the 80's decor style, you know ducks and dried flowers with pink and green to match. Anyway, this looks like it was done by someone who knows there way around a spray can and paint brush and it did end up selling for just over $200 plus shipping. I am still licking my wounds that I only got $109 for my last red and yellow renovation (breaking even with what I had invested with house, paint, flowers, etc) after being online for about 2 months! The roof looks real sharp and crisp, but I think since I would never live in a blue and white house I dont like my favorite small house blue and white. Still, its interesting to look at and the buyer who is okay with blue will love it I am sure. 

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