Friday, August 10, 2012

Furniture: Pics of Some Seriously Faded Merch

I purposefully bought very discolored furniture because for a few bucks I got a whole lot of different colors that is a fraction of the color variation of the international Dream Furniture line as featured in other posts. So enjoy this feast for the eyes. The vanity has a mirror I just flipped it around so you could see the color better. The sink is Arco, but what a perfect match. Maybe its more pastel orange, but it does play off the green China well.

So, for those of you wanting a different color or rare furniture piece and cannot afford foreign variations and dont want painted plastic, this is the solution for you! I still dont know exactly how some pieces fare so well and others not so much other than just storing in a cool, dry place and taking really good care not to scratch or bang it about.

This oven has clearly been cooked. I have never seen a white 80's oven so faded to tan. I think in this case it is ripe for making avocado green or leaving it and calling it 1980's cream colored stove or even the color d'jour 'bisque'. 

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