Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Ads: French 1979 Ad and Generic A Frame

and current ebay for sale a frame house (rare one)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Barbie Book: All Dolled Up!

Page from the newer Barbie book, All Dolled Up. 

Shout Out December 2011 Edition

The now very rare Kaleidoscope house. Ive never seen the box before, but I did see the house at the local consignment shop for $450. The furniture line for the house was a bit 'playschool'ish but overall a very cool, iconic house.

Rare 1975 Mountain house, red roofed variation with box, furniture and instructions. 

Not bad for $129 total. 

HO scale model train house. 

House kit for trains I think. 

Very rare Marx/Plasco scale house. You can see my ghost taking its picture thanks to Ebay disallowing saving pics. 

Ho Jo's !!

Actually a red roofed, A Frame Mod Church for train models. 
Just a quick post about modern and/or high pitched red or orange roofed houses from various decades. A respectful nod to other well designed small houses.

Pretty cool wood house kit from the 70's (A frames golden era) not Barbie size, but I would totally like to own own.  And at least this place had a staircase, fireplace and deck. ;-)

Like most things Hannah Montana, this house is a guilty pleasure. Yes, A frame, I have been seeing another house. I like the coloring, realism, apparent quality, cool furniture and portability. I think it ranges about $100 or so online. 

Though I am not a huge kidkraft fan, I do like the openness and potential for customization  of this house. Its in the $130-$230 range. Of course you'd have to repaint everything and maybe spanish tile roof sheets from the miniatures store would be in order, but think of the OOAK finished showpiece you would have at the end, especially you furniture/staging freaks (like me). If i had $$$ I would do that project and post. 

This is a re-issued HO train model scale split level house (under the name, Contemporary House) formerly an American made thing from the famous bachman co (not that bachman). it now comes finished in a pretty white box with cellophane window after arriving from a slow boat from china. 

Customs: Unusual Stickers and Play Mat

I haven't the foggiest as to what the flower stickers go to but they almost look factory. Thought this would be a fun show and tell for today.

Yardscape from I think a 1970's backyard BBQ/ppol playset. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ebay: Strange (But all true) Tales

Local Pick Up Only in Fumbuck, Kansas. The double front doors that weren't purchased on ebay for $10 were pitched last week. House will be shipped in 3 large boxes unless you want disassembled for extra fee. Post covers were broken but I am including them anyway. Covers got broken so threw them out. Has been stored for a long time and browned and missing some pieces which I will look for. House you will receive is not the one in the photo. I was upfront about he whole deal and you could have backed out anytime. I will not pay your return shipping. Windows for sale, pick ONE. Selling lot of parts because I hate to throw it away in the trash. I broke a tab off one piece so I am canceling the order since per bays rules I cannot sell a product that is not as described ($20 cottage).  Selling ONE plant peg. Selling ONE oven knob. Enjoy the oven you got almost for free. Missing pieces are easy and cheap to find on ebay anytime. Incredibly rare Barbie house. Stored in outdoor building for a few years will leave cleaning up to you so I don't damage it, not an expert here. The walls were tossed, just selling the smaller parts. No, I don't combine shipping. The packing fee is $2 per item won. The cost is $45 for shipping (actually fraudulently used boss's UPS business account and got it for $23, no overage refund).  If it doesn't have a Buy It Now option, then IT IS NOT a buy it now item so DO NOT ask I WILL NOT respond. I DO NOT babysit my computer so please ask any questions as early as possible. missing a few pieces (has one door and one window, no planters). Loads of furniture (3 pieces of 90's crap).Hello. I am ready to ship the house. There is a minor problem. When I went get the house out of storage I found that a box had fallen on top of the plastic trash bag the house was in. The house is still usable but the column covers were badly broken. They are made of very thin plastic. Like I said the house is functional but the columns will not be shipped.I can't offer a concession on the price. The shipping is $51.50 or something like that.The post stated "7 days money back, buyer pays return shipping" A good condition barbies dream house yellow and read ALSO MISSING POST TRIM (THEY WERE BRITTLE AND BROKE) Found this vintage barbie piece, i could experiment with painting and swap out the fridge, what do you think? Item is dated 1978. This apparently is a rare misprint as it was not released until the80's. IF YOU WANT THE BOX I WILL HAVE TO ADD ANOTHER 50 TO THE SHIPPING BECAUSE OF OVERSIZED RATES.This is not for the dall but the Wall Oven Only.
DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY IMMEDIATELYinstructions booklet folds out too 34 inches long.
has been untouched for about a year.  Comes from a smoke free cat free home.  Winning bidder pays USPS PRIORITY MAIL charges, All doors good condition except for the front, I think I covered everything, 
"plastic nipple" broke and so it come apart , Buyer will be responsible to put back together.,  house is in Very good condition itself and the patina is in great shape This is a very rare find, I will include some fun surprise bonuses, part out this house and triple your money, dusty from being stored in my garage....was my wives she doesnt want it no im selling...FIRST OF ALL, IF YOU WIN AND ORDER PARCEL POST OR UPS GROUND AS YOUR METHOD OF SHIPMENT, DO NOT BLAME US FOR A LATE DELIVERY. would work as an outdoor/ patio dollhouse for the kids!

Honey, how do we hide that there are missing doors and windows? 
and no, I don't have an assembly diagram. So it ain't perfect,Plants have dry rotten so I threw them away but can be replaced of your liking.For your safety and mine, a state-issued ID of person picking up must be presented and must match the name & address of winning bidder as shown on PayPal payment.***If your address requires for me to fill out paper work, I do not ship to you so please do not bid or Thisitem could use a good cleaning, but I leave that up to the buyer to preserve quality.

Actual, un-retouched photo of Marx house for sale. 

The covers that go over the basic structure are almost
all there, in a box, but I did not use them because they
were cheap plastic and break after all these years. You
Could make column covers yourself, it would be fun.

Vintage Ads: Catalogue, Back of Oven Box, and Convention Pic

Don't know who this Lindsey character is but at least they put all her stuff on the bottom of the page. ;-) I am guessing the ad is circa 1982?

Nice double page layout featuring the Big House and the Big RV. This ad is blog approved. 

THis is the back of the 1982 oven box. Guess you could call this a 'serving suggestion'. 

Guess this was a convention somewhere. Shame most of my blog readers A Frames would blow this one out of the water since it has no flowers, post covers, upstairs planters or furniture. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Other Houses: December 2011 Edition

red roof is blue box, wooden one is ryans room and the one right above this i can't remember. 

Chalet by Plan Toys, 2011

Furnishes Chalet. Original Much? Theres even a yellow fridge and green furniture. 

Obviously strikingly similar. They did have the forethought to make a nice modern staircase and a 3rd floor. Like OUR A Frame the sections are interchangeable, though there are only two sections, not three.
G'day from Australia! A postcard from the edge of the world. 
1985 Sylvanian family house. Red roof with skylights, hardwood floors with a decidedly Germanic feel, very well made for its time, wood construction and pricey to this date, not to mention so cute with the little forest critter families and furniture line. 

Here's the A Frame reinvented as a wooden barn.

Miscellaneous: Humorous

Gotta love this one. The creepy looking girls, the stand alone Miko, wide open double doors, and commentary are classic. We've all thought it, so here is the 'New Yorker' esque cartoon encapsulating a dark cultural satire.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 

Furnished Houses: Personal Decor

I'll be adding more pics as time goes by, but here's a start. This post will showcase well appointed Red and pink roof homes interior design.

Turn it, flip it around and reverse it. 
Tres chic! 

Featuring tile overlay flooring on really light yellow floor pieces. 

Looks like theres a real party going on here. 

Smaller scale furniture works best for the house as the regular size sucks up the whole room. 
Some nice vintage dolls with pop art chair and '60's dining room. House could use restoring but overall looks complete. 
groovy lounge
While not my first choice in staging, it is unusual, creative and attains a certain look. Notice the faux brick flooring, Marakesh style light fixture, hand painted blue lamp and bounty of silk flora. Most interesting is the custom roof piece placement which looks like the Cottage gables atop the pillars and the top panels layered above. 

Here's a look at how the house looked as it was made and furnished in the mid 80s.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK