Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shout Out December 2011 Edition

The now very rare Kaleidoscope house. Ive never seen the box before, but I did see the house at the local consignment shop for $450. The furniture line for the house was a bit 'playschool'ish but overall a very cool, iconic house.

Rare 1975 Mountain house, red roofed variation with box, furniture and instructions. 

Not bad for $129 total. 

HO scale model train house. 

House kit for trains I think. 

Very rare Marx/Plasco scale house. You can see my ghost taking its picture thanks to Ebay disallowing saving pics. 

Ho Jo's !!

Actually a red roofed, A Frame Mod Church for train models. 
Just a quick post about modern and/or high pitched red or orange roofed houses from various decades. A respectful nod to other well designed small houses.

Pretty cool wood house kit from the 70's (A frames golden era) not Barbie size, but I would totally like to own own.  And at least this place had a staircase, fireplace and deck. ;-)

Like most things Hannah Montana, this house is a guilty pleasure. Yes, A frame, I have been seeing another house. I like the coloring, realism, apparent quality, cool furniture and portability. I think it ranges about $100 or so online. 

Though I am not a huge kidkraft fan, I do like the openness and potential for customization  of this house. Its in the $130-$230 range. Of course you'd have to repaint everything and maybe spanish tile roof sheets from the miniatures store would be in order, but think of the OOAK finished showpiece you would have at the end, especially you furniture/staging freaks (like me). If i had $$$ I would do that project and post. 

This is a re-issued HO train model scale split level house (under the name, Contemporary House) formerly an American made thing from the famous bachman co (not that bachman). it now comes finished in a pretty white box with cellophane window after arriving from a slow boat from china. 


  1. i am obsessed with that kidkraft house. i love the openness of it all. i was planning on getting one just as soon as i find a place to put it. i think it is one of the best doll houses ever :)

  2. Yep, they had an KidKraft house set up at ToysRUs when I went this week (encased in plexiglass of course). Its certainly big, but for me theres too much smoke and mirrors (wall graphics) Its too much like the 70's townhouse or those metal litho houses from the 50's. It kind of takes away from the fun of decorating and moving stuff around.