Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baribie's 1980's Totally Pink House - Fall 2016 Edition

It has taken time, but I am coming around to liking the house re-issued in pink. I look forward to picking one up when time and space allows. Here are some well cared for pink houses. I think they look great, I am unsure of why so many people today feel compelled to spray paint them differently.

translucent windows
hot pink windows

dark pink window frames

hot pink windows

translucent windows

light pink window frames

light pink window frames

translucent windows

Displayed for Your Perusal

Here is a great example of the 1982 Cottage with period dog, dolls and decor. 

NICE, mod, groovy pad! The pink pillows and other accessories look amazing. 

Wouldn't it be awesome to come to a garage sale and see this? And then they are asking $10 each. =-) 

Everyone is always asking me where to find the furniture. As I did not still have any original DreamHouse furniture from my childhood, I had to go to the usual place, Ebay, for replacements. I bought, and bought and bought, at one time having at least 5 green desks and 5 ovens. I did this because it is difficult to see exact detail online, so this way I was able to upgrade parts to get really minty complete pieces (like the fridge) with my choice of which color ice cube trays, and which color pots/pans. Then, I sold the rest and it usually paid for what I kept. =-) 

Another Cottage with period figures and furniture. Lookin' good! 

1980 DreamPool with period pretties. 

Perfectly staged center piece. 

This probably takes p a quarter of this guest bedroom, without even the Star Traveler or Cottage! 

Beautiful inner courtyard with chandelier, topiaries and raised patio (could be painted yellow!). 

Vintage Photos: Fall 2016 Edition

Let's play Barbie! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Boxed Barbie DreamHouse : Fall 2016

As many of you may already know, the very first blog post here is by far the most popular. So, given that, I decided to make a follow-up post with new pictures and commentary. Here it is! 

All three structures together! This would make a wonderful Christmas morning indeed! 

I am not sure of the exact year, but I am supposing this is about 1981-1983. 

One thing I really love about the box is the comic strip panels showing all the different rooms, features and play possibilities. 

The lesser known Finishing Touches accessory packs. I was never into these, but it was cool that they made the attempt to add things to fill out this admittedly sparse house. 

This shipping carton is in GREAT shape. My original A Frame memory at ToysRUs is that they strung these up high in the ceiling far above the shelf, with no boxed houses on the lower shelves amongst the Barbie items. Maybe there was one of those ticket stub dispensers, so once paid for, a stocker would retrieve one (in a carton) from the back. Sadly, many ebay sellers ship the house in the original shipping carton, requiring the carton to be written on/tape/shipping label applied, and then go through shipping getting dirty and banged up. Mwa, mwa, mwaaaaaaa....

Vintage Italian Ads - Godere!

These were stylish looks, I am not sure why they did not make it to America. 

Classic colors. 

Great photo, I like Ken's suit. 

Custom Colors: Fall 2016

I like the black roof, the grey floors are ok, I do not like the dark and light blue colors. Especially given the yellow door and window frames I am not getting the over all theme here.

Very nice overall job, great attention to detail, I really like the plants,  keeping the walls clean and white compliment the rest, its a nice update on a mod classic. 

I don't think the dark and light blue work well together, the yellow definitely needs to be redone (see hardware or auto section for colored tape, and post about trimming colored tape around the edges). 

Really nice, I have those same potted plants - they work well in any setting, great attention to detail, I definitely approve of this cool, crisp, clean update to a dusty old toy. 

I like this, the lanterns and mail box should be a different color (maybe orange or light grey). The floors could have been redone with wood grain contact paper for a better effect. 
Even though this is not the A Frame, they did such a great job of custom painting the pink Victorian house. I have seen Cinderella's Castle painted really well like this, what difference! 

Nice, clean, contemporary re-imagination of the 1982 Cottage. 

I truly believe this could be resold with a newly designed box for today's generation. Wouldn't that be something? 

nice custom repaint, the colors really tone down the garish green and pink these houses usually were. 

Real Life Examples: Fall 2016

Great example of the rear side doors. 

Excellent example of modernist, minimalist architectural design, oversized double front doors with oversized hard ware and lantern. 

To the right is a white iron gate, akin to the breezy walls of the 1978 house. 

Just the right shade of yellow! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shipping: Pricing and Logistics, What to do?!

It won't fit into a sedan. 

On the scale at FedEx. 
So, I learned so much this last time around. Things have changed in the 8 years that I have been buying and selling these houses on Ebay (see older posts). Currently, USPS charges $169 to ship this, UPS is about mid way between USPS and FedEx. FedEx charged $92 to ship across the country from Southern California to NY. I opened an account and got a first timer discount reducing the cost to about $72 with tax. You could get that discount, too, if opening a new account.

Now that I have an account next time I print my own label and schedule a pick up- SO much easier!! It will go 4 day ground delivery, this particular box was 21x21x25 and total weight was 33 pounds. Shipping will be less if you live closer to your buyer. If you are the buyer and the seller is inexperienced and doesn't know what to do then you can tell them all of this so you get your house and not an email that says, "sorry, shipping was too high, I am cancelling the order". This way you get the best price and the house. =-)

You don't wanna go this route. So, if USPS is a billion dollars in debt, why doesn't the government just increase the budget? They aren't a company, there should be no 'profit' for heaven's sake! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

What should Packing Look Like?

Cushion the box bottom with a layer of packing paper and thin layer of either popcorn or shredding. 

Individually wrap every piece, even the larger ones. 

This is what the fully packed box will look like, walls are diagonal. the box here is 25 inches high, 26 inches wide and 22 inches long. 

Top off box will popcorn, shake so it settles, put in more popcorn in the space that appears on top, the grey bags here are styrofoam pieces that i happened to have, otherwise it would be more popcorn or crumpled up packing paper, or bubble wrap. its whatever is cheapest and easiest for you, just make sure its either styrofoam or air bubbles. 

This box is my own personal A Frame going back into storage. here, I am glad I stock piled bags and foam wrap through the year so I can use it now without having to run out to the store and buy anything. Admittedly, I use higher quality wrap for my A Frame, since 1, its a higher quality one than I am selling, and 2, almost no one uses any packing paper at all for shipping A Frames, so using anything is an upgrade. 

The best product I have found to date is foam wrap, its white, spongy, compact and gets the job done, its easy to cut and tape, it really made packing my A Frame for long term storage a breeze. It was actually left over from one A Frame that I bought a few years back, miraculously, it was so well packed. The box I stored it in is a box for plastic garage storage cabinet, its about the same size as the factory box, maybe a bit bigger, but it works great. 
When you receive your A Frame from an Ebay seller, you will want to use (if possible) the box and wrapping they used. That way when you go to sell or store yours you already have everything you need (hopefully). Sometimes I get my recently purchased house shipped in a garbage box with newspaper and walmart bags, so I wouldn't use that but use what you can.

When you are cleaning your A Frame use a toothbrush in this manor to get out dirt. 

When you are dusting the A Frame for storage or shipping, use a soft bristled paint brush like this to get dust out of the grooves. 



These are 1/6 tulip chairs from ebay shipped from china, they actually emerged unharmed despite some crazy fool stomping onto of the box. not even a scratch, thank goodness, PS these are the most awesome chairs, the quality is what saved them, they are VERY well made and you will be very happy with them! =)