Monday, December 5, 2011

Other Houses: December 2011 Edition

red roof is blue box, wooden one is ryans room and the one right above this i can't remember. 

Chalet by Plan Toys, 2011

Furnishes Chalet. Original Much? Theres even a yellow fridge and green furniture. 

Obviously strikingly similar. They did have the forethought to make a nice modern staircase and a 3rd floor. Like OUR A Frame the sections are interchangeable, though there are only two sections, not three.
G'day from Australia! A postcard from the edge of the world. 
1985 Sylvanian family house. Red roof with skylights, hardwood floors with a decidedly Germanic feel, very well made for its time, wood construction and pricey to this date, not to mention so cute with the little forest critter families and furniture line. 

Here's the A Frame reinvented as a wooden barn.


  1. Here comes Barbie fun, Barbie Dream House with furniture...

  2. By the way, the Dream House needs post covers. :/ Nice photo though. :)

  3. Yes, those were the best photos I could find. They look perfectly mint with the exception of no post covers and lanterns/mailbox on the cottage.