Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ebay: Strange (But all true) Tales

Local Pick Up Only in Fumbuck, Kansas. The double front doors that weren't purchased on ebay for $10 were pitched last week. House will be shipped in 3 large boxes unless you want disassembled for extra fee. Post covers were broken but I am including them anyway. Covers got broken so threw them out. Has been stored for a long time and browned and missing some pieces which I will look for. House you will receive is not the one in the photo. I was upfront about he whole deal and you could have backed out anytime. I will not pay your return shipping. Windows for sale, pick ONE. Selling lot of parts because I hate to throw it away in the trash. I broke a tab off one piece so I am canceling the order since per bays rules I cannot sell a product that is not as described ($20 cottage).  Selling ONE plant peg. Selling ONE oven knob. Enjoy the oven you got almost for free. Missing pieces are easy and cheap to find on ebay anytime. Incredibly rare Barbie house. Stored in outdoor building for a few years will leave cleaning up to you so I don't damage it, not an expert here. The walls were tossed, just selling the smaller parts. No, I don't combine shipping. The packing fee is $2 per item won. The cost is $45 for shipping (actually fraudulently used boss's UPS business account and got it for $23, no overage refund).  If it doesn't have a Buy It Now option, then IT IS NOT a buy it now item so DO NOT ask I WILL NOT respond. I DO NOT babysit my computer so please ask any questions as early as possible. missing a few pieces (has one door and one window, no planters). Loads of furniture (3 pieces of 90's crap).Hello. I am ready to ship the house. There is a minor problem. When I went get the house out of storage I found that a box had fallen on top of the plastic trash bag the house was in. The house is still usable but the column covers were badly broken. They are made of very thin plastic. Like I said the house is functional but the columns will not be shipped.I can't offer a concession on the price. The shipping is $51.50 or something like that.The post stated "7 days money back, buyer pays return shipping" A good condition barbies dream house yellow and read ALSO MISSING POST TRIM (THEY WERE BRITTLE AND BROKE) Found this vintage barbie piece, i could experiment with painting and swap out the fridge, what do you think? Item is dated 1978. This apparently is a rare misprint as it was not released until the80's. IF YOU WANT THE BOX I WILL HAVE TO ADD ANOTHER 50 TO THE SHIPPING BECAUSE OF OVERSIZED RATES.This is not for the dall but the Wall Oven Only.
DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY IMMEDIATELYinstructions booklet folds out too 34 inches long.
has been untouched for about a year.  Comes from a smoke free cat free home.  Winning bidder pays USPS PRIORITY MAIL charges, All doors good condition except for the front, I think I covered everything, 
"plastic nipple" broke and so it come apart , Buyer will be responsible to put back together.,  house is in Very good condition itself and the patina is in great shape This is a very rare find, I will include some fun surprise bonuses, part out this house and triple your money, dusty from being stored in my garage....was my wives she doesnt want it no im selling...FIRST OF ALL, IF YOU WIN AND ORDER PARCEL POST OR UPS GROUND AS YOUR METHOD OF SHIPMENT, DO NOT BLAME US FOR A LATE DELIVERY. would work as an outdoor/ patio dollhouse for the kids!

Honey, how do we hide that there are missing doors and windows? 
and no, I don't have an assembly diagram. So it ain't perfect,Plants have dry rotten so I threw them away but can be replaced of your liking.For your safety and mine, a state-issued ID of person picking up must be presented and must match the name & address of winning bidder as shown on PayPal payment.***If your address requires for me to fill out paper work, I do not ship to you so please do not bid or Thisitem could use a good cleaning, but I leave that up to the buyer to preserve quality.

Actual, un-retouched photo of Marx house for sale. 

The covers that go over the basic structure are almost
all there, in a box, but I did not use them because they
were cheap plastic and break after all these years. You
Could make column covers yourself, it would be fun.


  1. this person is on crack or has neglected his therapy for a couple of years...pfff

  2. I think this is my favorite post so far!

    1. I find it so funny the variety of personalities out there on ebay. This year I bought a She Ra Castle and the guy said he sent it and then turns out he never did and Ebay had to do the refund. There's so much crazy out there its astounding. =-)~