Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1982 Cottage : Buying Experience Numero Dos...

I had been trying to win a reasonably priced A Frame cottage for about a year when I finally won one for $20 plus shipping. It was mostly complete, I paid immediately and the next day got the email. The seller clamied she had broken some tabs while assembling it and wanted to refund my order. I told her not to, I still wanted it. She wrote back, I think I will refund you because per ebays rules you cant sell an altered item, it must be exactly as it was listed. And she did refund me after sending the email. My theory is that the week before she had been watching them go for $50-$100 and was disapointed not to get that amount herself and made up some story in order not to let it go for so low. Needless to say I was upset about it but there was nothing I could do. I ended up getting a cottage a few months later in good shape with most of the smaller parts and a box, so I was able to buidl one nice complete cottage and I sold the box/paperwork back on ebay for $35, and the leftover parts to almost pay pay for my house I kept. The cottages almost always get $50 plus and for that dinero I would rather have the big house, so I dont actively look for cottages anymore. Its still a cool playset though!


  1. ohhh i cant wait to read all about it. i just got one 3 months ago. i had no idea it was so big. i really love it though. i just wish my doors in the front werent so scratched up in 2 of the panes :(

  2. I've never been that jazzed about the Dream Cottage, mainly because it's open on all sides. I think if the façade and back were solid walls, like the Dream House, I'd be more into the cottage. How much floor/desk space does it take up when it's all assembled? I don't know if I've ever seen it in person all set up.

    By the way, the restoration on my Star Traveler Motor Home is complete. It looks trés awesome. :)

  3. RE: Star Traveler on Photobucket. Wow, the ST looks crisp and new with the repro stickers. It looks like viewers can copy/save sticker sheets you have uploaded to photobucket and recreate their own? Very kind of you. I didnt keep my ST very long. Its cool, but it just takes up too much space especially with the A Frame in the room. And as usual the dolls are flawless. You totally nailed the wishlist catalog look. Are your dolls rerooted or just never played with? They look better than any I see online. Also, love your grass carpet and trees by the pool.

  4. My dolls are a combination of restored dolls and mint dolls, though few of my 1970s dolls are rerooted. I do have some 1960s dolls that are reroots though. Some of the dolls you see in my photos were deboxed dolls that I purchased NRFB, usually in trashed boxes, others were found in lots of played-with dolls. Every doll, deboxed or played with, gets a thorough bath and a restyle. Old “mint” dolls often have deteriorated rubber bands, which often leaves sticky residue in the hair. I have to remove the old bands and residue, and restyle the doll’s hair with new poly bands. I am really good at working with dolls that have some minor flaws, mussed hair, etc, and many of the dolls I found in played-with condition ended up looking better than the deboxed gals.

    Some of the clothes are deboxed mint outfits, others are laundered eBay bargains. I have found that mixing them brings everything up to the same appearance of "mint". The key is to know what can be brought back to a fresh appearance with a simple wash and dry, and what should be pristine. I've been amazed at how much a simple laundering can do for a played-with outfit.

    After I discovered how much restored graphics can do for a vintage playset (the 1976 Barbie Classy Corvette was my first attempt at this) I knew that I could have a showroom-new Star Traveler if I was willing to put in the work. I sent a couple of my friends label sheets as well, and one of my friends has applied them to his Star Traveler too. :) I uploaded my files so that others could restore their own Star Travelers who maybe don’t have my digital restoration skills. All they have to do is take the files to a sign printer, have them printed on self-adhesive vinyl, and trim them out with a craft knife. Time-consuming, but worth the effort for sure.

    You are the one who inspired me to add the greenery to my dollscape. I think it totally elevates the look. :) Next will be backdrops, I’m already looking for images that will enhance the overall vignette.