Friday, November 9, 2012

Miscellaneous: There's Power in Numbers

As I was going through my storage totes visiting my various treasures, I realized something. The 1978 A Frame Dreamhouse was not the only playset that featured 3 movable sections with the center being the largest. Mattel was also not the only toy company to reissue lots of things in different colors over different years. Kenner and Hasbro was notorious for that and now, 30 years later it makes the different versions all that more collectable as some colors will undoubtedly be rarer than others. Indeed, there must be some magic to the number three!
1983 Hasbro GI Joe Headquarters. Even has an extra patio piece! Well, that or a helipad. 

1983 Kenner Star Wars Return of the Jedi Ewok Village. Even has an elevator like the Barbie Townhouse. 
1985 Mattel He Man/Masters of the Universe Eternia. Main entrance features a reflecting pool. 

Not a 3 piece playset, but this is like when Barbie was Super Sized in '77, so was Star Wars characters, 12 in all! 

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