Sunday, November 11, 2012

Other Houses: Some Similar, Most Modern, All Rare and Cool

Hmm, so if I was a designer at Lego, I am pretty sure my love of the 78 Dream House would seep into my plans. Moohahaha.

1972 Beter Homes and Gardens Gifts to make yourself issue. just get some acrylic squares and wooden blocks and boda boom, boda bing, there you go! 

Old school wood kit plans. 

Vintage, or wanna be? Who cares, its cool! 

I think I like this one. Not great on space saving tho! 

smaller scale, but cozy. looks like emersons answer to the A frame. 

Looks like Real Good Toys to me. nice colors. 

I'm in love. not sure what this is made of but looks custom./OOAK

Meanwhile in ye old faerie land. 

Ruth Handlers actual Malibu beach house. 

Generic Kaleidoscope house? 

I love this one too. OOAK I assume. 
Hmmm..this looks really familiar....
Dont know the manufacturer, country of origin or dates, but came up on a google search, soooo cool.  Very similar to the brinca dada house. 

This is a tin litho ranch house that occasionally comes up on ebay. it has cool features like  ability to lift the entire roof off to arrange furniture, detailed mid century pieces and even fireplace wall shelves and metal art. 


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  2. This is my favorite modern dollhouse, and it is scratch built and OOAK. You can find additional photos of it here:

  3. This one isn't OOAK. It was manufactured for sale, but very pricey. Sibi dollhouse:

    You can find many of the houses in your photos on this blog. It's great if you love modern and mid-century modern dollhouses: