Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blogger's Own: Furnished and Staged with Custom Plants

Well, its March already and spring semester is nearly half way over. Here are some recent shots, but I have more to follow.  I see the current views are over 34,000. Right On! Stay tuned.

Look, a lizard lounge. 

Kitchen with dollar store poster board exterior wall, and sink with dishwasher made from dollar store yellow paper. 

Outside shot, this material works very well for custom projects. 

More dollar store treasures- cheap, small ferns that just happen to be PERFECT for upgrading/updating the often sparse planters. 

My zen bathroom, painted white garden tub, Gloria potted palm and more dollar store mini ferns- love it!

To get this look you can find these mini cactus at Michael's arts and crafts store in the floral dept. They were about $3 each, they had others but I thought these worked best. The pots and gravel are guessed it, the dollar store! I used elmers white glue and floral foam to get everything to stay in place, rock by rock, took about 20 minutes to put each pot together, and I am SO happy with the results.

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