Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Replacement Patio Pieces and Doors: Outside the Box Idea

Didn't have my potted plants handy to stage this but you get the idea. 

Its shiny because its still in the wrapper 

Here is the name of who makes these cool colored cutting boards
I was shopping in a kitchen and restaurant supply store and came across the last one of the cool yellow cutting boards by Update International My base plates are fairly dark, so if you have base plates that are more faded, then it would be a better color match. theoretically they could be cut into triangles with a table saw. This was $15 so quite affordable if you can find it or order one online. The patio triangles are so rare since they were only issued in furnished houses in 1978.

Custom floor configuration. 
On the shelf at the 99 cent only store

The patterns on these thin metal sheets are a good match, they are affordable too! Hobby Lobby is where they can be found, just be sure to find a good way to cut it on a flat surface with a perfectly square angle. I bet once primed and painted, they are a good replacement for missing front doors. 
At Target, these are a very flat basket weave pattern, the inside is  perfectly flat. These can easy be painted yellow to be the replacement front doors. Just measure, cut with Dremel tool, paint and install (see post about replacement hinges). 
At Dollar Store, the patten would also work for doors, just measure, cut, paint and install. =-) 

Cut these down to size to make replacement doors, they cost $1 each, far cheaper than buying vintage, and are solid for those of you wanting more enclosure.

I would use an inexpensive dremel tool to cut them to door size.

At the 99 Cent Only Store, are these perfectly colored bins, just measure, cut and install!


  1. thank you so much for this..your a life saver.i cant find those pieces anywhere

  2. So glad you like. Since I started this blog, I have always thought that it there must be affordable solutions to the rarity and price of those patio triangles. I wish I was skilled in working with lucite. Then I would just make them from scratch. I think a closer paint color match could be found since the floors are a 'maize' color, but in the meantime the factory yellow is nice. =-)