Friday, July 1, 2016

Restoring Closet Doors: Adding the Mirrors

During. Be very careful to cut a straight line or it won't come out right. I took my thumbnail and dented the inside door trim line so the blade would have a groove to fit into. 

Almost done, this is a 10 minute project, totally worth it. 

Left: Before, Center: Replacement mirror, Right: original with scratches and flaws. 

Corners can be tricky

After. I am glad I did it. One more door to go. Also notice the wire hinge on the top left door, it works perfectly and is sturdy, the bottom wire you never see once the door is in place. 
Use imitation stainless steel contact paper as found at Lowes or Target. Its thicker than usual shelf liner so makes it easier to work with on flat surfaces (less air bubbles), but for impossible for rounded surfaces and corners. I guess the furnished house in 78 came with the mirrored doors and patio triangles, subsequent unfurnished houses in later years did not and i have not seen a pink house with mirrors.

If you choose to cut it on the outer edge, it gives a nice beveled glass look, one which I prefer and would do from now on except that on this one I cut on the inner edge on the first door so much follow through with that now. 

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