Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wax on, Wax Off: Buff out the Scuffs and Make it Shine with Meguiars Car Cleaner Wax

Definitely not the way it came, "straight from the attic". 
Left is shiny after on same roof rafter, right is before Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax. I honestly didn't know what MacGuires could do to this toy, I thought maybe it might whiten it (no) but it buffs out the scuffs, and makes it shiny for sure! 

Even though this roof is faded, the left shows the potential for restoration, though now that this Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax has been applied it probably is not paint worthy unless one went to the painstaking process to completely remove it. 

Stunning before and after. Plan to rub really hard or else you will leave Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax  in the little grooves. 

Underside of roof, takes like 30 seconds. 

Polishing with Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax restoration cream will remove the top layer of oxidation, kind of like when you get your car's paint sealed. See the yellow from the door frames and red from the roof?

Meguiars PlastX is what I use on my car headlights to prevent hazing, I thought it would clear up any yellowing on A Frame windows, however, it ends up buffing out light scuds and making everything really shiny. a great alternative to Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax
Use about this amount of Meguiars PlastX cream, then buff really hard, plan on using lots of elbow grease. 

After on a balcony door, Meguiars PlastX didn't get the deep scratch out, but eliminated al l the tiny little ones and made it really shiny. 

Its hard to tell the difference here, but in person you can totally see the difference. When you're buffing these out they will squeak like a mouse but they are squeaky clean when done. Finish off with windex for that perfect, streak free shine. 

Use about this amount of Meguiars PlastX , rub it in really hard (good tricep work out). 
Closet box: Left side is the before, all scuffed up and dull, right is the after, it only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to buff it out with a rag and a strong tricep to apply to pressure. I suppose an orbital buffer would do the trick as well. 

A word to the wise, DO NOT apply Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax  painted/colored window and door frames, it acts as a paint thinner and removes the yellow. But it is just fine on the molded plastic colors. It doesn't just make it shiny, it cleans it to a level that soap and water just cannot do, it seemed to lift off residual grease marks and definitely colored scuffs on the sides and corners of the roofs and floor panels.

This actually ended up working slightly better than the plastic polish. They both contain petroleum silicates and aluminum oxide (micro polishing agent), cleaner wax is a little more liquid consistency and has more in the bottle, can be found in the auto section of most stores. 
voila! Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax
nice...Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax
So worth the time and effort. Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax
such a huge difference! Meguiars  Car Cleaner Wax

You'll need a fine, soft brush to clean off the cream from tiny crevices. 

Portfolio of after shots of "polished" house. 

This is the before of the house as it comes from Ebay, "Fresh outta da attic/garage/backyard/trash heap". 

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