Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fixing Broken Door Hinges Par Deux: Using a Drill and Wire

Drill, baby, drill. Get the smallest drill bit you can find, wedge the door between your legs (careful here), aim straight and go for it, just the tip though, about a quarter of an inch. =-) 

This small picture nail was the perfect width, however after trying to snip it off with wire snips (tough) both pieces ended up shooting across the room never to be found again. This could be remedied by draping a small towers over it before you clip, to make it easier, squeeze on one side as hard as you can, then turn to the other side and squeeze again, it should pop off then. 

This bent paper clip was far easier to wire snip off to the perfect length, but definitely required glue in the hole to keep it in place. 

This is the longer peg, I laid door flat, made sure both pegs were sticking out straight, and let dry overnight. 
This should be functional, however, you could go to Michaels and get yellow clay to mold an original looking peg surrounding over the new metal pin. Its not worth my time for a house I know I am going to sell, but I would def do it for a door for my house.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK

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