Saturday, July 2, 2016

Replacing The Flowers : June 2016

Marshalls, it always pays to look at everything, especially when it is on sale. all the flowers on this wreath easily detach to make up flower planters and window boxes. 
Joann fabrics has quite the floral dept with tons of suitable replacement plants for the A Frame 

Fern like little plastic leaves, scale and detail are perfect. 
You'll find these houses are nearly always missing a good portion of the flowers/foliage. If your budget allows for more than the dollar store I highly recommend Jo Ann Fabrics. they had lots of great plants that if parted out would be very economical for several houses. or you could just sell the left overs as 'generic A Frame replacement foliage'. I got a few lovelies today that I can use on the current restoration project. In fact, my restored flower beds often look better than factory since I am using higher quality florals and quality (detail) has improved in the last 40 years so it gives an overall superior look. You can clean dusty old flowers under the faucet tap with a toothbrush, then shake dry.

Currently at dollar tree, the small white flower bunches nearly identical to the 1978 Barbie A Frame Dream house. They had several bunches. 

Small white plastic Baby's Breath at Dollar Tree. not a factory match, but would do in a pinch. =-) 

"Grass lawn" as found at Home Depot. 

Michael's, winter 2016, avg price $3.99-$12.99 for GREAT plants. I would buy these for mine, but not for a house flip since it could easily add $10+ for someone who won't even bother to leave positive feedback, thus I use dollar store flowers and leftovers for houses I sell. 

The photo does not do these justice, I just got these from China via ebay, they were among the cheapest. I really really love them and cannot wait to re do my personal A Frame's flower boxes and planters. They have a nice vintage look to them and are much higher quality than what came with them originally. There were others I wanted, but either they were too large or too pricey.  
Currently at Joann fabrics (now largely a craft store like Michael's), these pix don't do em justice, the detail is fine, they would work perfectly to upgrade the planter and flower boxes, they were, however, $7 each, so I am waiting to buy those. 
The best deal of all: Family Dollar! I would have bought these, but I already ordered so much from China via ebay that I have enough for 2 houses now, though I know where to go when I get low! =-) 

I like these sheets of green because they are good to use for filling in the empty spaces in the flower boxes in between the larger plants. Usually, they are $10 at Michaels or Joanns, but these are a new find at this store. 

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK parts doors windows flowers trees toy old restoration 

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