Saturday, May 31, 2014

Appliances and Furnishings: Kitchen Sink and Counter Solutions

In the top two photos you can see I painted and retro fitted a yellow door to a 1990's Mattel sink and counter. I am totally happy with the dimensions and overall look. Alternately, you can get the circa 1980 Arco Barbie scale orange/brown counter and sink. The only downside is that it has an oven and fridge (lower right cab) as part of it. you could cover the left side of the counter that is the range top with a cutting board or something. I use butcher block style samples from the hardware store kitchen section for Barbie cutting boards. The Sindy line from Marx toys looks perfectly adequate, but they are rare, so when you find one it likely won't be cheap. The Arco one usually goes for about $12-$25, and the one I redid is anywhere from $5-$10 or so when you can find them. I did used to have the Sindy harvest gold kitchen tall cabinet and fridge, but sold them as they didn't really go with the house. The Hannah Montana sink island is ok, but once again there is a cheapie stove crammed in there as well. =-( The white wall behind my custom sink is cut to fit foam board from the dollar store. I was happy with the end results. 

Nice shot of China cabinet with accessories. 

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