Thursday, May 22, 2014

OOAK Custom Repaints: Purple and Lavender Barbie House

Wouldn't it be cool if they came in purple? Whoever did this refurb did an EXCELLENT job that even I approve of. I so love the attention to detail with the windows and the intensity of purple that was used for roof and floors. I'd have to say that this is my favorite all time OOAK custom repaint. A+++


  1. Purple!!!!! We will see less yellow houses available, I am guilty myself, I just re-painted one Dream House I recently bought with bright orange floors.

  2. Hi, I left a question for Rafael on flickr before I found your blog. So maybe you can help me also: I'm having trouble getting the first floor front and back walls to lay flat across the floor - you know I have put in the 2 long screws in and I still have 1/4" sticking out. Did you have difficulty inserting the 2 posts into the floor?! Thanks. on flickr Joan Smith 216

  3. Hi Joan. I think I understand the question. When I have trouble getting them to fit, I just 'wiggle and jiggle' them in while pressing down hard. I would recommend taking the screws out first. Alternately, you may want to take a mallet or block and hammer and try tapping the wall posts into the hole floors. Once they are securely in, the long screws should go all the way in. Good luck!