Saturday, November 3, 2012

OOAK Repaints: Custom 1978 A Frame Barbie Dreamhouses

All of these can be seen in greater detail on Feebay under the search terms "barbie ooak house'.
I was stunned when I first saw this. It is different, a total departure from any direction I have ever seen this house taken in. I am torn between loving it because it is ultra modern and kind of looks like a 1980's dance club, and hating it because they painted the walls silver and not white. I generally do not like a mixture of the original 70's colors and the hot pink 1980's colors. 

The room matches so I hope the person is aware they are trapped in the year 1985

Well, it was bold and revolutionary, but how many are following this revolution?  (or perhaps evolution)

The actual A Frame house (nay Beach house from early 90's) This is an Egyptian tomb reincarnation of the house for Monster High its actually quite well done if you take a closer look on Ebay. 

Another blue house. 

Midnight blue roof, love it! Sort of looks like it could be slate.  Flat grey floors, um as a patio absolutely, but as interior floors its a bit cold and confusing. This house has no doors or windows so looked like a good project that could use some more finishing. 

Ta da! I really like the attention to detail on the planters and lanterns. The highlighted raised panels on the center section are good, I dont like that the front doors are the same as everything else. I think they could be a different color (black, silver, red, brown?) to provide a focal point to the front of the house and look more realistic. 

Great job on the furniture, wise choices in scale and design. I'm not sure I like the roof and floors both being brown. it makes the house look like its partially made of chocolate. There are only two colors white and brown, although in this photo it almost looks like the roof is a darker brown which would be cool.  

Rear, I'm okay with the pin striping on the lower level panels beneath the windows, but I dont love it on the doors. I like the doors a sold, 'other' color. The brown edging around the glass doors turned out well. 

Roof in brown, high end repaint on Gloria office set, I approve. See how a smaller scale sofa really opens up the room? 

The decidedly attractive home owners and pup. Looks like they have a Chemlawn! 
This isnt a repainted house, just a close up of that vanilla colored effect 35 years in an attic or garage has on the house. For some reason its just a little appealing to me. I suppose I like my houses with either crisp oxy clean white parts or a decidedly creamy beige (so long as its uniform). And I wonder what one would look like with cream walls, red roof and  maybe brown or green floors. 

This is a repaint of pink house. As far as restoring a pink house to its original glory I think they did a great job, the color choices make sense and its a special house now since the color is just a bit off, but still works. However, they are asking $400 plus shipping, so I just wish I could do a respray and make $300 profit. 

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