Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shout Out: Wow Custom Homes

Sindy kitchen (UK)

Sindy dinette, china and desk with bench. 

Customized Kenmore. I still want one, but at $75 I have to sell something first. 

Cool, way to commit! 

Victorian with a contemporary slant. 

Victorian ala Monster High. Boo! 

Victorian as sleek modern. 

1978 as contemporary (non painted)

Royal wedding, nice attention to detail. 

Madmen diorama. UNREAL attention to detail. 


1962 Dreamhouse as cool modern, acrylic art piece. 

3 story California beach house as very traditional. =-(

Extreme themes. Nice size of house. 

Different, yep, we'll go with different. 

Plague Barbie playset. 

I so approve! 

Palm Springs modern chic. 

Barbie's new dream home. Sweeeet!! 

Very well done. 
Right on, kind of reminds of me that Suntan Tuesday Taylor ski lodge/beach house. 

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