Saturday, December 3, 2011

Furniture: Reissue in Pink

1982 box
Just when we thought we know of all the factory variations of the product line I accidentally discover this anomaly. We all know the harvest gold stove was reissued in the 80's as pink and white along with the rest of the Dream Furniture collection. What was unclear is what year did each of the above stoves come out? From my research I have found that the pale pink stove on the right was in fact the 1982 re-issue, and I am supposing the hot pink one on the left is a 1985 final year issue. Here you can see that one is definitely HOT pink translucent doors and the other a softer bubble gum pink, the stickers are different in several ways. Personally I like the silver stickers over the pink and the black backsplash over the white and pink one, also the number pad on the microwave works better for me. The pots and pans are reverse colors as well, one set is white pots/pans with pink lids, the other the opposite. I am assuming the refrigerator has similar differences in the pink versions, The last photo is my recently acquired hot pink 1985 set 99 cents each plus shipping, ;-) Notice the difference in time? The original was 5:36, now its 8:35. So either Barbie is making dinner way later than before or she bakes breakfast.

1982 box accessory photo.

The hot pink version 1985 fridge and stove.  Other than the Kitchen littles line, I can't think of any other quality white side by side fridge out there. 
in response to There are quite a few versions of the Dream House, the first one came with the mirrored closet doors, furnished version came with the patio triangles while unfurnished version did not...later version of the house did not included the mirrored closet doors and the furniture also was missing the mirrored finish (the coffee and end table) Then they changed the furniture color to the pink, same Dream Furniture but in a different color scheme (pink & white) The house was updated in 1986 in a light pink color,the light pink color version is the hardest to find today it was produced for a year and then Mattel used a more raspberry colored roof instead of the soft pink. Also the windows changed from the clear with the light pink trim to darker pink trim to and all light pink window and the last version came with the all hot pink windows and an almost hot pink roof to match!! The last Dream House was manufactured in 1991. Quite a long running production..the house first appeared in 1979.

Here is the pink 'vette, cottage and dream pool. 

1985 Barbie Mattel Living Room Accents Grandfather clock . Surprisingly well made and rare today. 
1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 

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  1. i love seeing the variations. thanks so much for posting them :)