Saturday, December 3, 2011

Customs and Foreign Issue: Repaints, Remolds and Fading: Different Colors

Faded to orange and green these formerly pink and blue pieces are unique indeed. 
Repainted 1978 Dream Furniture Dining room. Editor's note: perfect,  I love it, thats exactly what I would do. Keep up the good work!

(German import yellow, white and orange furniture link is below)

(1978 House with orange floors link below)

Quality is poor on these German import photos. Ebay is disallowing right clicks more and more these days, the links above go right to the ended listing, so hopefully if you go there its still valid. here is the idea though. 

Not a color change, but I didn't want to waste a whole post just on this, vintage 'Tomorrow' furniture. Barbie scaled, also had a matching chair,  extremely rare. Sort of matched the oven doors, I would put this in my A frame (and I am very picky about what goes in it) ;-)

FAO Schwartz circa 1973, shame they closed their doors. =-(  This looks brand new in design and condition, why cant some company make this cool ass stuff now? This is why I dont love Mattel, they cater to tots and toddlers, while not making iconic design that passes the test of time. Grrr.....

Whats that? Green and pink set, never before seen?! Well, sorry to tell you it was only a photographic anomaly. Cool pic though. 

Another shot of the infamous German issue dining set, These do appear on ebay occasionally and go for anywhere between $50 and $280. The serving cart was a european thing, they're just so gosh darn posh. 
It looks like an orange and white coffee table, but telling from the other photos it could be lighting or AGE related fading.  Makes me want a peach schnapps real bad...
Its ok, not entirely loving it. The amount of grey reminds me of the late eighties/office colors. Its alot of black, and I dont like blacked out glass doors, and if you're going ultra modern, I wouldnt suggest orange textiles with wood furniture. The floating egg chair is cool, though. I wonder if the reversed left side is on purpose...

Pink and black are definitely the most commonly used colors in A frame repaints, here is a rather well done version. If I was into pink and ultra modern this would be perfect and divine. Shame Mattel can't catch on to this look and quality of house. Even in the oil crisis of the '70's (doesn't plastic come from crude oil?) they banged out a rockin' house. So, why do they put crap out now? Especially since parents of today are the kids of the '70's and '80's that had this awesome stuff 30 years ago. 

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 

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  1. that is a really nice custom set, thanks for posting :)