Saturday, December 3, 2011

Other Houses: Generic A Frame with Cool Midcentury Furniture

Are you sitting down for this? There is another 70's A Frame in Barbie scale out there. Once in a blue moon (which is old timey talk for almost never) you will see one on Feebay. I have seen it once and saved the pics which are on one of my flash drives somewhere, but a few weeks ago I saw just the furniture for sale, so here it is. It may be just under Barbie size, so figure definately for 8 inch or Blythe scale. The design is divine, coloring: non offensive and definately Ken approved (me). Until I find the photos of the hosue, please refer to the post, 'The Other Cottage'. its very similar to the Suntan Tuesday Taylor ski lodge/beach house. Simple, yet elegant and interchangeable.


  1. Where do I get this a frame ski lodge?C Matthews

  2. still looking for a frame ski lodge cmatthews reply please

    1. These appear on ebay with some frequency. Just keep scouring.