Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mattel A Frame Beach House: 1990 Pool House (AKA the other Pink A Frame)

Set beside white sandy beaches, aquamarine colored waters and giant ferns the very pink open wire structure stands.  

Similarities to the '78 collector dubbed 'A Frame' include bilateral construction, double front doors, white balcony and the overall shape of the letter A. 

From this side you can see dual lantern sconces as in the 1978 House. 

Like the '72 house this has a balcony lawn. I guess they are going for a pied a tere  look. 

For some reason the tile work reminds me of 'Saved By The Bell'. 

Many thanks to A Frame blog's regular contributor, Mary, of the Skipper blog (you can visit by clicking on the link in the upper left hand corner).  She has generously shared photographs and details regarding the 1990 Pool House. This is the only architecturally correct A frame Mattel came out with for Barbie. Though I  favor plastic homes without cardboard or stickers, this playset does follow a sort of sequence in the line of Mattel A Frame inspired houses so deserves an honorable mention here. For fans of the 1985 Pink A Frame Dream House this could be the Cottage since they never came out with a pink version of the 1982 Cottage. I would love to see pictures of this house redone in '78 colors, hint hint blog followers.

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  1. i wanted to let you know there was a pink version of the cottage house. it was released in India under the mattel leo license. i have the pics to prove it. i was going to buy it on ebay but it was really yellowed.

    1. Very cool. I would love to post pics of it if you can send them to livebyexampletoday at ya hoo dot com. Thanks!