Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real Life Examples: Part Quatro

Palm Springs continues to be a treasure trove of California Contemporary homes, harvest gold appliances, and Star Travelers. In this installment (theres earlier ones with different photos), you can see real life flower boxes (actually pony walls to hide dual air conditioning units, but they look just like the planters), diagonal walls, RV and other various architectural details. I had to be careful while taking photos as 75 year olds who have lived in these neighboroods for 40 years dont like random pedestrians taking a picture of their house, even though these are well preserved neo-historic homes. The dates of these homes go from about 1965 to approx 1978.

I'm genuinely surprised to know that the weird hard bean bag like chairs that were a part of the Dream Furniture line was a real thing. It actually does check out. 

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