Sunday, July 18, 2010

Other Houses: Cool Mod Dwellings Slightly Predating the '78 House

Here is the obscure Suntan Tuesday Tayler's 1977 Summer-Winter Vacation House. Sub titled, "It's a sunny, summer beach house!, Its a super two story ski chalet!" I cam across it a few months back and like it for several reasons. Its a well designed, realistic playset totally interchangable with the Mattel line. Its roughly the same shape and dimension as a left or right side of the clasic 1978 'A Frame/California Contemporary'. Notice the window backdrop is a snowy mountain top above and crashing ocean waves on the bottom. I am not too familiar with Tuesday Taylor, but saw the high rise apartment go on evilbay for mucho dinero this week. On the true A frame photo here, notice that the structure is interchangable as in the 1978 Dream House, has a similar diagonal wall (more realistic on this house) and a cool white corner fireplace piece. This is a very rare playset and I am not opposed to owning one.

1960's ranch with take away roof open floor plan and mod colors. 

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