Friday, May 7, 2010

Custom Repaints: Diff'rent Colors and a Home Made House

I am all for freshening up and subtle customizations on an old, worn out toy, but I cant stand behind these renovations. For starters, the 1982 Cottage version of the Mattell A Frame house is rare enough as it is, two it matches the A frame and needs no color change and three, there are enough Hannah Montana/Bratz/etc modern homes out there for those who want something 'new'. The pink one, I cant figure out how they moved the walls around, but thought it was interesting enough to include here. These were of course on feebay, I saw it on my weekly cottage hunt and was briefly intrigued, then dissapointed. The green and brown large 1978 House I can't figure out. The pictures aren't that great, and they marked it up for their 'improvements'. I can only hope that the windows were in such poor shape that spray painting them black was only a lateral movement. The yellow to green color change is not bad, but anything that is white should stay white, the only variables should be the terra cotta roof and yellow floors/doors/windows. Color me perplexed.

Grey and blue.

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