Monday, May 10, 2010

Furniture: Foreign Issue: Dream Furniture From Across the Pond...

Courtesy of, you can see the alternate color versions of the dream furniture collection.

Of course the orange and white dining set is the bomb. Blythe collectors are big on the Dream collection including it in bookself dioramas. I definately prefer these color choices to the pink and blue of the yankee versions. UPDATE: as unbelievable as it sounds, a Canadian recently sold a desk and wardrobe (without boxes) on feebay and they each sold for $270 plus shipping. =-O

Complete bedroom set from Germany. Currently on sale on a foreign site if you google it. They also have the complete dining room set in white and orange, but the picture would not load. 

I am told the pink versions of the cottage and dream pool are from the Philippines. Anyone know anymore about this? 

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