Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miscellaneous: Distance Travelled: On the Road Again...

So how far does an A Frame travel in its lifespan? Well, in 1978 it traveled from the Mattel factory (not sure if in the 1970's it was America or Indonesia) to retail locations throughout North America, and presumably europe and australia. After being kept for a few years by original owners, were most likely donated to charity or sold at garage sales. At this point pieces were lost, post covers were cracked and windows were scratched. 90% of boxes would be in landfills by now. I think there must have been a point where houses generally ended up in the hands of poor people buying them at thrift stores, or rescueing them from the curb. Of course alot would be in attics and garages for twenty years giving them that familiar brown patina. Then, perhaps in the nineties new adoration would be garnered with the fact that by then they were 'vintage' and children wo played with them would now be starting their own families and having feelings of nostalgia. This with the invention of the internet and online selling increased the interest and value in the A Frames. So, I am willing to bet that they went from $20 in the 1990's to $120 in the 2000's. My prediction is that they will continue to increase in value as more collectors hang on to one indefinately (like me) and sellers who gut houses and pitch the rest (see 'scary story' post), plus with a growing population, more will discover and want to own one, too. So, the average A Frame has most likely traveled thousands of miles from factory to store, and perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles wherever the owners moved, to finally across the country again when it sells on ebay each time. The 1978 Dreamhouse probably travels more in distance than the average world citizen.

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