Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ebay: And now for a scary story.....

I learned a sad truth this week. You see, I forgot to bid on a set of solid yellow doors on Ebay. The listing expired and when I emailed them to see if I could still buy them ($10) they told me they were 'tossed'. And then another seller told me they routinely 'pitch' walls, roofs and floors after the windows, doors and other smaller parts are sold off on ebay. In fact they have 'pitched' at least 8 or so in the last few years. So, this week I got my feelings hurt to know that just because a garage sale rumager cant make any more money on an A frame house, means it is garbage and is thrown right in the trash can. I honestly dont know what to say. I used this clip art because it sums up how I feel about the people that do this sort of thing. They are gutting and discarding these 30 odd year old toys that arent being made anymore. Its cold, heartless and unintelligent. On another occasion, I saw an online seller state that the MIB house also comes with the originial shipping carton which would be used as the box to ship to the potential buyer, meaning she shipping carton with all the original 1978 graphics and labeling would be defaced with a buyers mailing address and postage. Its disapointing to know that these things are rare to begin with and uncaring sellers are literally reducing the number of houses and boxes that do exist.

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