Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to get a minty, complete house affordably...

You may not like this, but its the truth. The way that I got a nice, complete house (for under $100) was to buy two icky ones, completely clean, repaint (the white only) and lay out all the parts, construct one complete one with all the best parts, and put together a second one with the leftovers and sell it higher to help pay for the first one. I managed to buy aquarium flowers, include photocopied instructions and a green outdoor carpet mat for it and got a decent price for it ($30-40 more than i paid). Also, I included the yellow kitchen appliances (not so great ones i had spare) and billed it as partially furnished. I didnt intend to buy a second when I bought the first, but decided after I got it that I really did want a mint complete one. Right now you can get a mostly complete house on ebay for $85-$125 including shipping. The average price of one piece is $10-$20 (and parts are VERY hard to find). I added everything up and it came to at least $200 if bought seperately, not including shipping. To date, I paid $60 on the first house, $10 on paint, about $15 on the green carpet, and used $10 worth of aquarium plants. The second house i bought for parts was more, about $125 I think, plus more paint and $10 for copied instructions. The caveat is the triangular patio floors. Only about 1 in 8 of the houses i see online have the triangular patio floors. If you want those, you will pay dearly for them.

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